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My Design Dr Blog | April 18, 2014

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Women in Technology: Summer Code Camps for Girls

AdaLovelaceAda Lovelace (1815-1852), the writer and mathematician, is considered by many historians to be the world’s first computer programmer. Her notes on Charles Babbage’s early computer constitute the first computer algorithm. More than 150 years after her death, it is disheartening that women make up such a small percentage of the technology workforce. According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology, only 25% of professional computing jobs were held by women in 2011, and of those, fewer than 4% of computing positions were held by Asian, African American, and Latina women. How can we as technology professionals change this deplorable situation? Well, we can ensure that women and girls have access to top-notch training and education in technology, math, and science. To that end, Dice News in Tech has compiled a listing of summer coding camps for girls and minorities. It’s time to make Ada Lovelace proud and open the IT professions to more women. See the listing of coding camps nationwide after the jump.

imageSummer Programs That Teach Girls to Code (via Dice News in Tech)

Introducing children to computer science as soon as they are interested, especially girls, is a proven method of encouragement for future endeavors in the tech industry. Code camps for kids are scheduled all around the country throughout the summer. All-girl camps and mom+daughter events are scheduled…

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Women in Technology: Summer Code Camps for Girls

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